SILK BEADED STRAPS for Strapless Bra

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Does anyone reallllly like their strapless bra?  Who is tired of the 'slip and slide' game that inevitably occurs when wearing a strapless bra?
Most women I speak with see it as more of a necessity to be born with, rather than a comfortable experience.  

Introducing our silk and hand beaded replacement straps for your convertible or strapless bra. You will look beautiful in these silk straps, and no one will know these are your bra straps...they just look like an extra-lovely strappy detail of your ensemble. 

Can be worn open/doubled in a pretty V shape, or as a narrow strap. The hand beaded floral silk sliders are adjustable, and can be worn on the front or back of the bra, depending on the garment you wear over it.  Can be extended and worn criss-crossed in the back, too. 

NOTE: only works with strapless bras that have strap loops inside, usually they come with straps with 1/4 inch hooks. If your hooks are wider than 1/4 inch, put that in the comments box on the order form.

Black, Silver, White, or custom colors to match your ensemble (added customisation fee to source your colour). 

PLEASE indicate your bra strap length (measure from the loops on the inside of the bra, over your shoulder, to the other loop, and put that measurement in the comments box in the shopping cart.