MOTHER's DAY Boxes were such a delight to create for all your loved ones.
Check back after the summer for our 2021 Holiday Gifting Boxes, we are busy creating  sourcing specialty items to include. 
If you need a special event Gift Box before then Contact us to discuss options. 

Prior Gifting Boxes:
We're so happy to be able to offer these Pomegranate themed boxes for Mothers Day or 'just because' gifts. Scroll down to read about and see images of the box contents.

We have collected some lovely items to create a box that celebrates that special woman in your life, and brings brightness, beauty, warmth and relaxation to her day.  $202-$217 retail value. 

1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the listing below to choose a Silk Fine-Art scarf from the drop-down menu in the item below. If you choose a dyed scarf, please indicate a colour range in the cart comments

2. Your scarf will arrive in a handmade  linen Stock folio, wrapped in recycled white and gold soy ink tissue, and  tied with gold-embossed ribbon.

3. Your message will be included, printed on a letterpress paper card. We will email you once ordered for your message, or you can include in the cart comments

Also included are:
4. Handmade soy candles made by a local maker, these are so lovely:  and we love supporting other local businesses. Made with fragrance oils that blend seamlessly into a luxurious soy wax base to create inspiring scents. Each Tea Lights set is a labor of love; from harvesting and drying herbs and flowers to putting together the tealights containers, labels, and boxes; filled with positive energy and good intentions.
- all-natural soy wax - cotton ECO wicks lead and zinc free
- 100% recyclable, flame retardant BPA-free containers - homegrown flowers and herbs - 6 hrs burn time- hand-poured in small batches.

A Gold Pomegranate candle holder for the candles. Can also be used as a ring box. 

5. Boxed in a linen-paper box made in Sweden. This archival quality box can be used later for documents, photos, anything for which you need a beautiful artisanal box. Your recipient's name will grace the label on the box, (please indicate name in cart comments). 

6. Grana-Tea.  We LOVE tea here at GRANATÉ, did you know we make our own tea blends for tea parties?  We will include a gold-bagged loose-leaf tea from one of our favourite tea brands that will make 2-3 pots of tea. This premium organic black tea is a specialty blend of Pomegranate and other inclusions, to go with the Pom theme of the box. The tea will be nestled in one of our hand-made linen paper Pomegranate gift boxes. 

7. A Scarf-Art bookmark, rich colour artwork on archival card.

8. Organic Honey-sweetened Pomegranate Dark Chocolate.