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Our strong background in custom and couture design, and our love for fine textiles and designer details resulted in a customizable fashion line with a focus on fine garments that are created when you order them, and suited to your unique needs. Scroll to the bottom of the page to peruse portfolios of our designs.

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We create our collections from luxurious fabrics, with unique designer touches, and an attention to fit and detail. These are available through pop up shops and events, and through Vente Privée private trunk shows in your home or office.
Once you have tried on our sizing and chosen your pieces from our collections, we cut and sew them to order and deliver to you. This method creates the opportunity for a less-waste sustainable business model, and a more personalized customer experience. 
The Made-To-Measure space for women is one we have been excited to fill from our inception. Traditionally women have had couture (fully custom, equivalent to Bespoke in menswear) and Ready-to-wear (Off the rack, Off the peg, Prêt-a-porter, which menswear also has). Made-to-measure, the in-between category in menswear, consists of designed collections, customised to each customer. GRANATÉ has always felt this made-to-measure offering was missing in women's wear, so we have been delighted to  offer our exclusive made-to-measure for women over the past years. 
These designs are customizable, and includes fittings to create the perfect fit to suit your figure type and size. This level allows you to choose among our colour offerings, including fantastic linings, and to customize details like length, so you can know that your finished garments are perfect for you.
For our clients who value the truly unique, we present our Granaté Custom Design Experience, a deluxe process leading to truly exclusive pieces in which you can feel confident, beautiful, and prepared for the many requirements of your life. You will have the enjoyment of knowing that you were a part of the design process throughout.
During the initial consultation, the designer will ascertain the client’s colour, design, and fabric preferences, and will then present a selection of carefully sourced swatches of rare and  exquisite textiles imported from all over the world for the client to choose between. The fittings will take place in the convenience of the client’s home or office, to determine details, finalize fabrics, and check the fit throughout, as well as consult with the client on how her new pieces coordinate into her existing wardrobe.
Imagine the process of choosing from fine luxury fabrics, in the comfort of your own space, revelling in colours, tones, textures, and designer details. Then, imagine the delight you will feel as you watch your pieces grow before your eyes.
Whether it is a lavish wedding gown, a cashmere blend coat, or a stunning suit, we look forward to working with you on your next ensemble, one as unique and beautiful as you are.

What do you give to the woman
who has everything?

Something she’s never seen before:

Give her the 
Custom Design Experience:

Luxurious, elegant, and as unique as the recipient!
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Custom Design Experience

To view our Made-to-Measure and Custom designs, Please choose a portfolio below. 

  Shadowlight and Midnight Sun Collection