Our new line of jewelry, kicking off with our first design:   
The 'Everything's POSSUM-ble, If you Only Believe' 
Earrings in hand-sifted Enamel and Sterling Silver. 
Scroll down to see. 


(Aren't you thankful we're not really producing these?!)

However, we ARE having a special April Fools' Day preview of our exclusive Mother's Day/Spring Gift Box, only for our list.

We are only creating 50  of them, and we're very excited to offer them to you before we make them available to our wider list. 
To hear more about what these luxurious gifting boxes contain, and the shipment dates and pricing, please leave your email and name below to get on the waitlist.

'To give is to receive', so anyone who orders one of our boxes will also be automatically entered to win our $100 giftcard giveaway for April.