Hand-made and Artisanal has always been a part of our brand ethos, and our Dyed Scarves collection is no exception.

It is such a delightful discovery, the art of dyeing. 
Working in micro-batches of imported French Silk Dyes, we only make 1 or 2 of each scarf design in each hue, tint and tone. 

Here, our Égérie Muse Silk Scarf shimmers in 6 hand-dyed colourways.

There is a natural variation that results in silk dyeing, and from the steam setting process, making your scarf unlike anyone else's. 

The Steam setting process also makes the fabric very soft and fluid, with a natural texture and 'floaty' softness customers just love. 


It is always a fun reveal, to see how differently a black/grey/white scarf design looks in other colours: Here, our Ombre Branches scarf looks entirely different in these pastel to jewel tones. 


May's Cause: Support Women and Children in Need

$10 of every scarf sold through the month of May will be donated to Laurel House, PA, and Nicole's Place at Laurel House. 

Laurel House is working to raise $3.5Million to create a better, safer, more accessible Safe Haven house in Lansdale, PA. 

We are looking forward to donate towards their cause, especially in view of the fact that the Covid lockdowns and economic and health crises of the last 14 months have adversely affected the most vulnerable in our society, such as women and children in domestic violence situations. 
Thank you for helping us support them.