Persephone Pomegranate Scarf LONG Chiffon, more colours

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Scarf featuring original inked artwork of Pomegranates, Grapes, and Balsam branches, in sheerly beautiful Silk Chiffon.
Custom colours are hand-dyed  with french silk dyes, in tiny batches of 2 or 3 for unique shades and tones. 

Our long rectangular scarf is fluid, soft, and floating. Works well year 'round, even layered with a wool scarf for a pop of design and color. Central pomegranate vine motif is bold, accented by corners featuring grapes and an outer border of balsam branches. Limited edition version starts a crimson pink, flowing through purples and to a Hyacinth blue at the other end. 

 Pomegranates are not only the inspiration for our logo and business name, they have been featured throughout history as symbols of marriage, royalty, unity, faith and many other wonderful concepts.  The distinctive shape of a royal crown is said to have come from the calyx of the pomegranate. A simple beautiful shape, the  pomegranate reveals a complex surprise of ruby seeds inside when opened...a wonderful image of how GRANATÉ  think of the lovely, deep and intricate women we design for.

70"x 18" rectangle, fluid 100% Silk, hand rolled hem.

Available in Black/white,
Hand-dyed colours,
and in a Limited Edition version hand-painted in shimmering metallic accents by the artist (please allow 2 weeks for the hand-painted scarves). 

Please choose a colour range by clicking the down arrow to the right (under the scarf thumbnails) and choosing from the color wheel. Indicate your choice in the comments box on the checkout page, and whether you prefer medium/bright, or pastel tones.  Since they are each dyed by hand,  we will know you will enjoy the slight variations that are the hallmark of an artisanal dyeing process.

Printing Imported, Dyed/Hand-Painted/Finished in Philadelphia. 

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