Égérie MUSE Forest Border Silk Scarf Light on Black, more colours

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Silk Scarf featuring a Forest Border print with scattered maple seed pods and intertwining trees with two forest figures, created in collaboration with fine artist Tovah K. Smith.  
This print celebrates the growth of wisdom in a woman's life, from seedtime to seedtime again.Both ends of the border are different in this ethereal engineered print art print.  

This scarf is extra long to loop doubled, or to wear hanging loosely, and is also one of our widest scarves at 18 inches.

Stunning white trees and figural motif in white are bordered in white on a black ground. A sophisticated design that will coordinate with many outfits. 

This scarf an also be hand-dyed in any colour on black.
Please choose a colour range by clicking the down arrow to the right (under the scarf thumbnails) and choosing from the color wheel. Indicate your choice in the comments box on the checkout page, and whether you prefer medium/bright, or pastel tones.  Since they are each dyed by hand,  we will know you will enjoy the slight variations that are the hallmark of an artisanal dyeing process.  72"x 18" 


Printing Imported, Dyed/Hand-Painted/Finished in Philadelphia. 

Hand wash, hang dry, silk steam iron with a press cloth. Can also be dry cleaned, but chemicals are harsher on the silk. 

To see more colours and pictures, click the down arrow under the thumbnails to the right. 

Also available black motif on light background: