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COVID-19 Sponsorships and Donation Fundraising.

Thank you for sponsoring special Filter-Fabric masks to be donated to Medical Centers, Elder Care Facilities, First Responders, and people in need in the local communities. (SCROLL DOWN TO SPONSOR)

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You're so great!
We are still fundraising so we can  hire local  sewing people to make masks for donation... and we're getting there, so keep sharing and sponsoring.
We'd love to be able to make and donate all of our 4500+ masks!

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ORDER NOTES: Each 'product'  below is a fundraiser, because that is how the app works on this site, but rest assured, funded or not, each 'product'  is going to be produced. And if one is 'over funded' that's fine, feel free to order anyway. 

-ALSO, people have asked about COLOURS, if you click on each item, you will see a small arrow which is a DROP DOWN MENU to choose a colour. If you want more than one colour in your order, just let me know in the comment box in the SHOPPING CART. NOTE, most colours of Pleated masks are out of stock, please choose our fitted style. 

1. Fundraising to purchase fabrics, and pay for cutting (see below for info) for reusable masks for medical centers, and people in need in our area.  We have fabrics for  4500+ masks. These masks will be donated to medical centers, first responders, people in need, and we are proud to know our masks with their filtering layers will be serving these front-line workers in this Covid-19 fight. EDIT, this goal has been met!

Your sponsorship can include masks for your household to keep you and others safer. 

3. PAYING SEWING PEOPLE: Once we make our initial Fabric goals, our stretch goal will go toward hiring sewing people who are out of work so we can provide them with work, and giving honorariums to our volunteer sewing angels! 

4. PURCHASING MORE MASKS If we reach those goals, we will be purchasing additional antimicrobial/filter layer masks from an amazing company I know of, who are also using antimicrobial silver fabrics (theirs also have copper treatment). They are offering them only for medical and emergency personnel, etc, so if we have extra funding, we will purchase some to be donated in addition to those masks we will be making and donating.



These masks are made from special hydrophobic outer of wicking fabric
 an anti-microbial dimple filter layer created with silver treatment, and an Organic Cotton/bamboo anti-microbial, silver treated jersey inner lining that is soft against the face. 

Features ⅛ inch loop-style over-ear elastics, which you can tie using another ribbon, or wear as is. 
Features a flexible nose wire at upper edge for tighter fit. 

These layers make it so that  moisture is wicked away from the face, and that moisture is discouraged from entering into wearer's face from the outside. They dry quickly, resist funkiness due to their antimicrobial treatment, and are washable, reusable, and breathable. 
We are proud to be using fabrics, check them out! They create fabrics for amazing items like baby cloth diapers, and other absorbent and performance garments, so their focus on efficacy of fabrics and treatments is great. 

We do not claim that our masks replace the need for actual medical masks, but they can be worn over top of them, or used by people for everyday activities to keep them and those around them, safer. 

If you wish to support Granaté as a small business in this difficult time, you can purchase from our other sections of our website, including gift cards: $30 of each accessory purchase through May 15th will be donated to Nicole's Place, a support facility for victims of domestic abuse and their families. Domestic violence is a real problem always, but especially during a lockdown crisis. Thank you, as a small business, I truly appreciate your support while my business must remain closed to my normal client work.

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