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Pre-Sale, Friends and Family, Holiday 2018 New Scarves

Hello, you've reached a private pre-sale page for our new scarves, for friends and family. Please use code Silverbranch for 30% off friends and family pre-sale. 
Please feel free to share this code with friends and family,
but we ask that you do not post it online since the scarves will be launching this week on our site.


We have 5 new scarves for the 2018 Season.


The Heavenly Gifts scarves  (1, 2, 3, 4) are based on C.L. 75, 76, 77, where three gifts were given as souvenir of the visits to the Golden Age, Silver Age, and Copper/Brass Age. The gifts were a Pomegranate, a bunch of grapes, and a bunch of branches with a balsam fragrance...with each, a portion turned to metal corresponding with its Age...Gold, Silver, Brass/Gold. On the Red twill scarf, I  chose to portray these in the colors they could have been before they turned, gold, silver, and gold/brass.

The Poised/Purpose scarf  (5)  features a Pomegranate motif, with two affirmation words in the corners that point out the importance of Use/Purpose, and  being Ready/Poised to be lead by Spiritual Principles. 

The Sheer versions (3, 4, 5) are available in black/white colorway, and in hand-dyed colors.

Note:  we have created a special version of scarves 3 and 4  that starts with a Crimson/Pink, and fades through purples to a Hyacinth Blue at the other end, inspired by the Conjugial Love Rainbow, described in CL 76. Click on each scarf pictured below to see additional pictures and colour examples.

We also offer a Custom option to hand paint in beautiful rich metallics on the Heavenly Gift Scarf, to add gold, silver, and brass accents to the various plants in accordance with the Memorable Relation. Our metallic silk paints are permanent, ironable, and richly beautiful metal tones.
As silk painting is a bit time consuming, please contact us for custom pricing, and timing for gifting.

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