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Hand-Painted Masks

We have partnered with several  local artists to create wonderful hand-painted masks for a special DONATION drive.

Starting this week, we will be doing a donation drive featuring hand-painted artist masks. 

We want to thank you for your sponsorships that allow us to make our special filter-layer masks to be sent to medical centers and hospitals in the area, as well as first responders and others in need. Your generosity also makes it possible to hire sewing people in the area who have had work reduced, or lost their jobs, thank you!

We also want you to have some of our washable, reusable, filter layer masks with antimicrobial finishes for you to wear in your daily routines.

It's our founder's birthday week, so we are adding a donation drive, with new, special perks for donating:

For everyone who donates:

1. You will receive a solid colour/unpainted mask for you as a thank you for each donation.  This limited offer is different than our sponsorships, it is a good chance to add masks for a family member, or to gift as a gift, or let you have one as a backup for when yours is in the laundry.

2. 'GOLDEN TICKET'  Masks.
We are thrilled to present wonderful hand-painted masks from local artists...whose generosity and talents are making this donation drive extra exciting. 

Several of these Artist's Masks will be featured at a time,  and after a few days, they will be packaged with the other masks, and several people will receive one of the one-of-a-kind painted masks instead of the solid colour masks. Might be you! 
(These painted masks are not for sale, they will be thank-yous for donations). PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET ONE OF THESE MASKS, AS ONLY ONE RECIPIENT WILL BE CHOSEN from those who donated towards each mask. You will, however, receive your chosen solid/unpainted mask as a thank you for each donation. 

NOTE: These are WASHABLE...
We have heat-fixed the special paints, and thrown several through the washer and dryer on medium, and they were WASHABLE artwork? One-of-a-kind? On a Mask? Yes, Please.  NOTE: If you prefer a plain mask instead of the possibility of one of the hand-painted masks, please indicate that in the shopping cart comments. 

Wednesday's Painted Masks: Clouds and Hearts, Poppies, Midnight Deco flowers, Metallic Butterflies and Flowers. 

Thursday's Masks :Deco Metallic Hearts, Morning Glory Fairies,  Red Pomegranates, and Metallic Hearts.

Friday's Masks:
Swinger of Birches, and Seedtime and Harvest.

Sunday's Masks: Twilight Clouds, Koi Fish, Silver Grape Leaves

Monday's Masks: 

Tuesday's Masks: 

Friday 15th's Masks: 

Saturday 16th's  KID Masks: 

Monday 18th KID Masks:

Wednesday 20th Artist Masks:

Saturday 23rd Artist Masks:



Huge gratitude to these amazing artist who have donated their time and talents:

Leanna Boyesen, Hannah King, Kristin Boyesen, Elissa Bloom, Nicole Frazier, Bronwen Henry, Christina Orthwein, Jency Latta, Annina King, Dara King, Hilda Rogers, Erin Larsen, Ingrid King, Freya King. 

Each mask is unique, no two are alike as they are hand-painted. They are WASHABLE, like all our sponsorship masks. 


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